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November 25, 2012

As the current semester comes to a close, many of us are thinking about what we courses we plan to take next. For Environmental Science or Policy students, it’s a no-brainer to include sustainability coursework into our class lists for next semester, but courses related to energy and the environment can be great additions to students in all discipline! Here are just a few of the courses you might keep in mind as you choose your academic future:

Arts and Sciences

American Studies
AMST 203 Medicine in America

ANTH 203 Introduction to Biological Anthropology
ANTH 310 Primate Behavior
ANTH 322 Archaeology of North America
ANTH 350 Ethnobotany
ANTH 315 Environmental Archaeology

Applied Science
APSC 150 Recycling Technology
APSC 201 Intro Materials Science
APSC 422 Materials Characterization
APSC 455 Population Dynamics
APSC 621 Applied Solid State Science
APSC 622 Materials characterization
APSC 623 Surface and Interfaces

Art & Art History
ART 319 Figure Modeling I
ART 320 Figure Modeling II
ART 325 Sculpture Mass
ART 420 Advanced Sculpture

BIOL 105 Plants, People and Agriculture
BIOL 108 Intro Ecology and Environmental Science
BIOL 204 Principles of Biology I: Organisms, Ecology, Evolution
BIOL 205 Integrative Biology II: Non-animals
BIOL 416 Ornithology
BIOL 417 Population and Community Ecology
BIOL 426 Aquatic Ecology
BIOL 427 Wetlands Ecosystems
BIOL 664 Advanced Topics in Plant Conservation
BIOL ??? Conservation Biology

CHEM 308 General Chemistry II for Life Sciences
CHEM 341 Physical chemistry for Life Sciences

Computer Science
CSCI 120: Computational Problem-Solving for Environmental Studies

ECON 322 Environmental Economics
ECON 483 Development Economics
ECON 484 Economics of Growth

ENGL 150W Hot, Flat, and Crowded
ENGL 362 The American Renaissance

Environmental Science & Policy
ENSP 101 Introduction to Environmental Science and Policy
ENSP 201/GEOL314 Watershed Dynamics
ENSP 203Public Commons Workshop
ENSP 204 Geographic Information Systems
ENSP 205 Marine and Environmental Science
ENSP 210 The Ethics of Sustainability: Beyond Environmentalism?
ENSP 211 The Ethics of Globalization and Sustainability
ENSP 250 Seminar topics in environmental science and policy
ENSP 302 Philosophic History of American Environmentalism
ENSP 303 Issues in Environmental Ethics
ENSP 440 Asian Environmental Issues in 21st Century
ENSP 440 Future Energy Choices
ENSP 440 Sustainability and Agriculture
ENSP 440/PUBP 635 Fundamental of Environmental Science for Policy
ENSP 440/PUBP 390 Environment and Energy Regulation

Film Studies
FILM 350 Section on environmental documentaries

GEOL 101 The Dynamic Earth: Physical Geology
GEOL 110 Physical Geography: Earth’s Environmental System
GEOL 150W Extinction is Forever
GEOL 150W Double, double, oil and trouble
GEOL 160 Investigating the Earth: Introductory Geology Laboratory
GEOL 305 Environmental Geology
GEOL 306 Marine Geology
GEOL 312 Weather, Climate, and Change
GEOL 315 Hydrology
GEOL 316 Environmental Geochemistry
GEOL 330 Introduction to Oceanography

GOVT 322 Global Environmental Governance
GOVT 350 Intro to Public Policy
GOVT 353 State & Local Govt
GOVT 381 Human Geography
GOVT 454 Politics in Metro Areas
GOVT 491 International Organizations and Environmental Governance
GOVT 491 Environmental Thought and Action
GOVT 491 Global Civil Society and Environmental Governance
GOVT 631 State & Local Policymaking

Hispanic Studies
HISP 150 Ethical Fashion
HISP 151 Words of the Earth
HISP 320 Mexican Cinema
HISP 360 Cultural Constructions of the Environment in Latin America
HISP 390 Special Topics: Environmental Writing
HISP 483 Issues in Farmworker Culture

HIST 226/ENSP 249 American West since 1890
HIST 181 African History
HIST 490C Native Americans and Nature

KINE 164 Rock Climbing
KINE 177 Winter Camping
KINE 200 Introduction to the Human Body
KINE 303 Human Anatomy
KINE 320 Issues in Health
KINE 335 Play, Sport, and Culture
KINE 350 Science of Nutrition
KINE 360 Physiology of Aging
KINE 380 Introduction to Clinical Practice
KINE 393 Health Ethics
KINE 410 Exercise in Public Health
KINE 450 Cardiovascular Physiology
KINE 460 Principles in Outdoor Leadership
KINE 485 Cellular and Biochemical Effects of Exercise
KINE 494 Environmental Human Physiology

PHYS 102 Introductory Physics
PHYS 105 Great Ideas
PHYS 150 Physics of energy and the environment

PSYC 202 Introduction to Psychology as a Social Science

Public Policy
PUBP 800 Climate Change: Science, Policy and Law

Religious Studies
RELG 321 Ecology and Ethics

SOCL 328 Environmental Sociology
SOCL 361 Social Movements and Social Change
SOCL 427 Globalization and the Environment

Theatre, Speech, and Dance
DANC 350 Physical Theatre
THEA 350 Physical Theatre

Mason School of Business
BUAD 300 Business Perspectives
BUAD 311 Principles of Marketing
BUAD 343 Legal Environment of Business
BUAD 436 Business and Society
BUAD 480 Sustainable Business Practices and Green Supply Chain Management
BUAD 492 Sustainable Commerce and the Seas
BUAD 570/571 Applied Data and Economic Analysis
BUAD 595 Enterprise Engineering CAM

School of Education
EDUC 305 Designs for Technology-Enhanced Learning-Secondary
EDUC 330 Designs for Technology-Enhanced Learning-Elementary

School of Law
LAW 424/PUBP 628 Environmental Law
LAW ??? Property law
LAW 339 Natural Resources Law
LAW 425/PUBP 633 Land Use Control
LAW 498 Law Practice Management
LAW 510 Special Topics in Environmental Law: Climate Change: An Emerging Issue in Land Use (Butler)
LAW 602 Special Topics in Environmental Law (Malone)

Virginia Institute of Marine Science
MSCI 330 Introduction to Oceanography
MSCI 501A Fundamentals-Physical Oceanography
MSCI 501B Fundamentals-Chemical Oceanography
MSCI 501C Fundamentals-Geological Oceanography
MSCI 501D Fundamentals-Biological Oceanography
MSCI 524 Principles of Chemical Oceanography
MSCI 528 Introduction to Fisheries Science
MSCI 563 Environmental Chemistry
MSCI 572 Benthic Processes
MSCI 575 Aquatic Microbial Ecology
MSCI 627 Marine Organic Geochemistry
MSCI 649 Modeling Biological and Ecological Systems
MSCI 653 Marine Benthos
MSCI 656 Seagrass Ecosystems
MSCI 658 Larval Ecology
MSCI 668 Malacology
MSCI 671 Fisheries Population Dynamics
MSCI 698 Global Coastal Change
MSCI 698 Ecology of Infectious Diseases
MSCI 698 Biodiversity and Well-Being

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