Green Halloween Tips for Spooky Sustainability

October 23, 2012

Once a year, people of all ages dress up like who they’re not – but rest assured. You can still live your sustainable lifestyle, even when you are celebrating Halloween!

Decorations are integral to this holiday, whether you live in a house or a dorm room. Some of these decorations, like pumpkins, gourds and cornstalks, offer an opportunity to support local agriculture. Just down the road from our campus is Pumpkinville, a great place for a Halloween celebration. I went to Pumpkinville last year, and had a great time riding the hayride and picking out gourds for my dorm room. And, it’s a just-down-the-road destination for a Halloween excursion, letting you reduce your carbon footprint.

It’s always an option to make your own Halloween decorations. Between ghosts made from old cloth, plastic bags filled with leaves and painted into pumpkins, and the many, many uses of cardboard, it’s likely that you can make all your halloween decorations from things you already have around the house/dorm or in your recycling bin.

Perhaps the most central aspect of Halloween is the costumes. Seasonal stores come to town every Fall offering standard costumes, but it’s much more individualized, and creative, to make your own! Between Goodwill and the Campus FREEmarket, it’s easy to find supplies for costumes.

Chocolate is not always the most sustainable item to obtain. The Daily Green has some ideas for alternative Halloween candies. And, in EcoEmporium at the Students’ Exchange, we have access to Kallari Chocolate, which is produced sustainably.

These candy sources may be more expensive than the usual fare produced by large companies. Luckily for us, as college students, the other Halloween alternatives discussed in this post are more cost-effective.

Here are some extra resources to green your Halloween, or your family’s:

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