Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Silent Spring

September 24, 2012

Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring is perhaps the most influential text in the history of the environmental movement. In many ways, it started the movement. Published in 1962, Carson’s book was a masterful blend of science and poetry, taking readers on a journey through water, air, soil and their own bodies in an investigation of the widely-used pesticide, DDT. DDT’s harmful effects on humans, wildlife and the environment were impossible to ignore after Silent Spring, and the book lead directly to the ban of the chemical that had once been proudly sprayed on fields, neighborhoods and even picnics:

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Silent Spring‘s publication, and it will not go unnoticed at William & Mary! The Committee on Sustainability, in conjunction with the Jefferson Program of Public Policy, Swem Library, and the Department of Environmental Science and Policy is proud to announce a celebration of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. The event will feature a PBS documentary on the life of Rachel Carson as well as a panel discussion of the work’s significance.

Faculty experts from a variety of disciplines ranging from pubilc policy to the hard sciences will discuss how Carson’s work shaped their respective disciplines. Lisa Landino, Melanie Dawson, Mark Buntaine, and Sarah Stafford will lead this half-hour panel. Following the event, we will have a brief reception to enjoy some refreshments and snacks with the faculty. We greatly look forward to the event and hope you will be able to attend!

Please contact Karen Berquist kaberq@wm.edu or Patrick Foley pjfoley@wm.edu with any additional questions.

For more information about the event, visit http://www.wm.edu/sites/sustainability/initiatives/rachel-carson-documentary/index.php.

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