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W&M Student Rides from New York to D.C. to Fight Climate Change

Greetings! This summer I went on a bike-ride in order to donate to the awesome group of people at I had the good fortune of meeting some of 350’s employees and volunteers on the ride–trust me when I say my donations are in good hands. The founder of the organization that raises awareness about climate change, Bill McKibben, is a well known author. His books, Eaarth and Deep Economy were and are major successes. 350’s commitment to the environment has been successful including in their fight to delay the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Picture of me getting arrested protesting Keystone last August

Check out the picture of the route!

Highlights of this New York-to-D.C. ride included the countryside of Lancaster, the hospitality of the Mennonites, locally grown picnic lunches, my riding buddies Steve and Sam (see picture below,) swimming in creeks after a long days ride, the serenity of tent life, and the coherence of the passions of those involved.

The ride well organized, insightful and left me with friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. I would encourage anyone with interest to consider signing up next year (I promise a personal donation!) Please follow up with me if you are interested or just have additional questions about the ride (

It felt great to bike into DC alongside my 200 fellow riders. It felt even better knowing that behind each of those people was a group of generous people forming an army of individuals capable of making change.

Your fellow carbon conscious citizen,

Joseph Kane

August 30th, 2012

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August 29th, 2012


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