Earth Week Excerpts: From “What’s the Big Fracking Deal: A Case for the Ban of Hydraulic Fracturing,” by Rose St. Clair

April 30, 2012

. . . The issue of hydraulic fracturing has been confined to a narrow view of greedy pro-fracking oil mongers and un-American anti-fracking treehuggers for far too long. The idea that it is a two-sided debate has been summed up by Energy From Shale, a popular pro-fracking organization:

“fracking has emerged as a contentious issue in many communities, and it is important to note that there are only two sides in the debate: those who want our oil and natural resources developed in a safe and responsible way; and those who don’t want our oil and natural gas resources developed at all.” (“The Promise”)

However narrow a view this may be, the organization makes a (presumingly accidental) point: there are those who do not want oil and natural gas resources developed and who would rather see clean alternatives (e.g. solar and wind energy) pursued. But even among those who do want oil and natural gas resources developed, with a slew of negative consequences associated with the most popular technique for extracting those resources, it is commonsense to want some solution – something else, something new. And what needs to be done to best solve the fracking problem is to support the efforts of companies like HyperSolar Inc. in every possible way. The time, money, and work going into current fracking processes and studies would better contribute to both the environment and the sustainability of energy if applied to these modern, inventive projects.

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