New Forest Earth Update

February 17, 2012

It’s time for another update from New Forest Earth!

We have some very exciting news to share. On May 1, 2012 Corbett Wicks, our wonderful tour manager, will begin her journey hiking the Pacific Crest Trail to raise awareness of deforestation and indigenous rights through New Forest Earth. At an astounding 2,663 miles long, the Pacific Crest Trail, or PCT, is almost 500 miles longer than the East Coast’s Appalachian Trail—and Corbett will be hiking the entire trail! But let’s back up for a bit. Raising awareness of deforestation and indigenous rights is certainly awesome, but how exactly does New Forest Earth go about doing this?

First, New Forest Earth forms cooperatives with indigenous communities in Latin America that create and sell forest-made products. We currently work with three communities: the Waorani, the native people of the Ecuadorian Amazon who make intricate jewelry from chambira palm trees, the Taller Leñateros, a publishing collective of Mayan artists that create beautiful art and books, and Kallari, an Ecuadorian cooperative that harvests organic chocolate bars.

We then purchase their sustainably-made artisanry to sell here in the United States. By investing in these sustainable products, we empower these communities to make a living from their forests—their homes—without having to cut them down. Once a predetermined amount of profit has been made from each cooperative, the proceeds are then used to fund a specific project within the community. The Waorani, for example, will use sales from their jewelry to fund the planting of chambira palm nurseries in their communities. Proceeds from sales of the Lenateros’ works will be used for a publishing project that promotes their heritage and way of life.

Now back to Corbett. She will be spending about 6 months spreading New Forest Earth’s message all along the West coast. As you can imagine, she will need some help staying motivated while undertaking such a difficult task. This is where you, the caring and environmentally conscious supporter of New Forest Earth, come in. We are offering the opportunity for you to sponsor Corbett’s journey per mile. We have divided the entirety of the PCT into 100-mile tracks, with a final 63-mile “final stretch”, for a total of 27 tracks.

Very soon we will open the first three tracks to the public for sponsorship. Sponsors will be able to choose as many miles as they desire of the first three tracks until they all fill up. At that point, new tracks will be made available. Each mile can be purchased for $5, with discounts for sponsoring significant mile markers: 5 miles for $24, 10 miles for $46, 50 miles for $220, and 100 miles for $420. Corbett is funding the trip herself, and all donations will go toward helping New Forest Earth accomplish our mission.
Please help us to keep Corbett motivated and spread the word about New Forest Earth! Even the smallest sponsorship can make the biggest difference.

Gabbie DeCuir

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