Eco-Ambassador Update: Residence Life

January 14, 2010

Over the last few months, I’ve met with most of our Eco-Ambassadors, and I’ve been very happy with their progress so far! I’d like to highlight just a few of the great projects they have going.

I met a week or two ago with Aaron Branch, the Eco-Ambassador for Residence Life, and his two staff partners, Chris Durden and Holly Agati. They have been looking to improve Residence Life’s recycling of old materials, RA and Orientation Aide training in sustainability, and perhaps most importantly, communication of all of the fantastic things Residence life is already doing. They pointed me in the direction of their sustainability web page, where they’ve gone into great detail to show all of the progress they’ve made recently.

A few highlights:

  • Several years ago, when we renegotiated the laundry services contract, we replaced all of the top load washers for front loading models. Front loaders use less water and the spin cycle leaves the clothes drier – which mean less energy is required to dry the clothes.
  • In cooperation with Facilities Management we have replaced toilets, showerheads and sink aerators with low flow models designed to conserve water in all of our buildings. All of our current and replacement fixtures meet the low flow standard.
  • All new porch furniture and picnic tables are made of recycled plastic materials.
  • In the spring 2008, we incorporated green cleaning solutions to replace 6 chemical solutions. The green products include True 7 (neutral cleaner), RAM (degreaser), Star (glass cleaner), and Tenacity (multipurpose cleaner). These products are part of a dilution system. We mix the product on site resulting in a considerable savings as well as being earth friendly.
  • The toilet paper and paper towels used in all public restrooms in the residence halls are green seal products. We have been using them since 2005.

Take a look yourself to learn something new about sustainability in W&M’s residence halls!

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